Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally, Sudoku Is Badass!

An inmate in the U.K. tried to use codes hidden in Sudokus to break himself out of prison.

According to Britain's Daily Mail:
A murderer's plot to escape from jail using a helicopter has been foiled by prison guards and the police.

Brian Lawrence then hoped to use the Isle of Wight Festival as cover once free from Parkhurst prison on the island, the Ministry of Justice said.

The 67-year-old, who was convicted of killing a friend of his ex-lover's and hiring a hitman to kill two other people, communicated with his accomplices using lemon juice as invisible ink and codes hidden in sudoku puzzles.

In the letters he drew maps and gave encrypted instructions for his plan to bring a helicopter into a part of the prison grounds not protected by nets.

Obviously I don't condone his crimes. But as a lover of Sudokus, Wordokus, crosswords, Jumbles, Cryptoquips and KenKens, it's nice to see puzzles in a non-dorky context.

I've already suggested that Jason Statham play this guy in the movie — though I guess someone older might be more appropriate (Michael Caine?).

I can imagine the scene where the warden realizes he's been duped. His tiny Sudoku pencil will roll off the desk and fall to the floor in slow motion. Can we get John Woo on this?