Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day: a Recap

Well, I didn't get an iPad, but no complaints from me this Father's Day. I got to sleep in, and then we had a delicious brunch at Triptych.

It's unfortunate that Elliot didn't sense the gravitas of the occasion.

Also, it appears that Triptych acquired their high chair from a Depression-era pediatric hospital. Elliot had lots of fun squeaking around in it.

I enjoyed my bloody mary.

In the afternoon, we had ice cream at Yerba Buena Gardens and Elliot splashed in the Martin Luther King fountain.

Oddly enough, Elliot received his own gift for Father's Day: a xylophone.

I'm not sure how this is in keeping with the spirit of the day, since it will likely cause Daddy a great deal of irritation every morning. But he does seem to enjoy it.

Even if Elliot didn't really understand the holiday, the highlight was probably a quiet moment at the park.

He sat down on a rock and patted a space for me next to him. Then he gave me some stale Cheddar Bunnies from his private stash.

Thanks, son.