Monday, May 17, 2010

'Nick' Name: On the Outs

Remember when I complained that the name "Nick" had become too popular and was no longer reserved for tough guys?

Well, the latest news should either provide hope to Nicks or just added insult: "Nicholas" was the fastest-declining name over the past decade.

According to the Baby Name Wizard site, these were the top (bottom?) declining boys' names in the '00s:
1. Nicholas
2. Zachary
3. Kyle
4. Jared
5. Brandon

Apparently Jared from Subway didn't manage to keep his name from dropping either.

For girls, the list was:
1. Hannah
2. Jessica
3. Megan
4. Amanda
5. Lauren

You'd think Megan Fox would have helped with that name, but maybe parents don't relish the idea of having their daughter turn out like that.

UPDATE: In a separate post, the Baby Name Wizard blog reiterates that "Jacob" was the most popular name of the decade. What's interesting is, it wasn't just the top boys' name — it was tops overall.

In fact, the three most popular names were all boys' names. I think this demonstrates that parents take less risks with boys' names, which means they're choosing from a smaller pool. As a result, even the most popular girls' names are more dispersed.

I also think I may have solved the mystery of where all the baby Jacobs are. Do they go by "Jake"? Because I've definitely encountered more of those.