Sunday, April 18, 2010

Street Knowledge?

I always assume that taggers have pearls of wisdom to share when they deface a wall or billboard. But sometimes the message is hard to decipher.

When I saw this a few months ago at our local playground, I assumed it was a literary reference to Junot Díaz.

But maybe it's just someone who can't spell very well.

More recently, someone did this to an iPad ad at our neighborhood bus stop. As you can see, they scrawled two dates at the top of the page.

Clearly, they're telling us to look up the New York Times on those dates: Dec. 7, 1941, and Dec. 7, 1956. This is like the start to a bad Nicolas Cage film! [Delete "bad" before "Nicolas Cage"...redundant. —ed.]

The first date is Pearl Harbor, of course (no research required). But what about the second date?

I don't see any big news, but it appears to be Larry Bird's birthday. If his birth is equivalent to Pearl Harbor, maybe the tagger is a Lakers fan?

UPDATE: This one, of course, will mystify anthropological scholars for millennia.