Monday, April 26, 2010

Riding in Style

Elliot is mostly a Muni customer, but he's ecumenical when it comes to Bay Area transit. Check out his new BART-themed shirt!

Apparently the people who designed the shirt didn't actually get the licensing rights, because it says "Baby" where it should say "BART."

Still, the design is instantly recognizable to anyone who's ever visited the Bay Area.

Elliot also has a new Muni-inspired shirt, which is still a little too big for him.

Elliot is such a transit expert he can already tell the difference between bus lines. When Golden Gate Transit pulls up, he may wave, but he knows that's not his bus. When the Muni shows up, he squeals with glee.

Maybe he already understands that when a Muni bus actually shows up, it's cause for celebration.