Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lost Marketing Opportunity

Tonight's demolition derby/officer-involved shooting on Folsom Street happened right in front of the new Radius restaurant.

Sadly, Radius didn't get any promotional benefit — possibly because they never took down the old Julie's Supper Club sign.

From the CBS story:
San Francisco police said an officer opened fire on a woman who tried to run him down with her car after smashing into several other vehicles in the city's South of Market area.

Police maintained the officer had no choice but to shoot the driver when she ignored an order to stop, threw the vehicle into reverse and tried to ram him in front of Julie's Supper Club on Folsom Street between 7th and 8th streets.

This story is leading all the newscasts tonight. Radius could have gotten their name front and center.

The moral: If a high-profile crime occurs in front of your business, be ready!

And don't be afraid to use a gorilla.

UPDATE: It's worth noting that Radius' building was already the scene of a very high-profile crime. According to neighborhood lore, it was one of the places the Symbionese Liberation Army used to hold Patty Hearst captive in the 1970s. They supposedly kept her in the basement, where she was brainwashed. Coincidentally, the laundromat-cafe directly across the street from Radius is called...Brainwash.