Saturday, May 01, 2010

Is This Elliot's Future?

Elliot is slowly and steadily building his vocabulary (he has added several words since I gave my last update, including "ball," "night-night," "this" and "that").

Still, he's progressing a little more slowly than some of his peers. The other day at the playground, a 14-month-old totally showed up Elliot in the talking department (14 months!). This kid knew all kinds of words. He was a boy too, so we couldn't blame it on girls being more advanced.

At one point, the boy even referred to Elliot as a "a baby." Oh no, you DID not just say that. (His dad stepped in to point out that Elliot was in fact older, which was obvious anyway because Elliot towered over the kid like some terrifying blond ogre.) What really makes this sting: Elliot doesn't even know the word "baby" yet.

However, Elliot did manage to outdo the child in one area: sound effects. Elliot pretended to get water from an imaginary faucet, making his trademark rushing-water sound — which is actually pretty realistic. He also did some of his animal impressions.

It makes me wonder if Elliot will grow up to be the sound-effect guy from the "Police Academy" movies. Is that a valid career choice?