Monday, March 29, 2010

This Settles It...Maybe

I somehow missed this last month, but the "Clash" filmmakers have confirmed that Bubo has a cameo in the new movie.

This was posted on the FilmSchool Rejects site:
I had a chance to speak with Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay — the screenwriters behind the Clash of the Titans remake — and they allayed that nagging concern by relaying to me that there would be a “loving cameo” made by the owl.

Unless it ends up on the cutting room floor.

Apparently the scene has been back and forth – in the print, on the floor, back in the reel, and then back in the dustbin. For now, according to the screenwriting pair, the owl stays in the picture.

So I guess we'll see if Bubo isn't edited out again. For a film that was hastily converted to 3-D at the last minute, anything's possible.

In this same post, they say that Bubo has been compared to Jar Jar Binks. Huh? I'm not sure what ethnic stereotype Bubo was designed to mimic, other than R2s-D2s.