Saturday, January 30, 2010

SoMa Is Very Thirsty

Coca-Cola has placed a version of this billboard in a at least three spots South of Market (near 5th and Howard, at 10th and Howard, and by 7th and Berry). It's promoting a new twin-pack container of two 50-ounce bottles.

It seems unlikely that "Enough for your meal" is going to end up in the pantheon of classic Coke advertising slogans. Do they mean you should drink the 100 ounces of Coke instead of a regular meal? (That would add up to almost 1,200 calories, so I guess it would be pretty filling.) Maybe they're targeting people with large families.

In 1924, people were excited enough by a plain-old six pack.

However, promoting large containers isn't a new trend. I found this ad from 1950 where the Coke drinkers appear to be huddled around a terrifyingly large bottle.

I see that some people have criticized the new "Enough for your meal" campaign because it promotes unhealthy lifestyles. But since a lot of people in SoMa would usually make their "meal" out of a fifth of E&J Brandy, this is probably an improvement.