Monday, January 18, 2010

Is This Loitering?

Elliot was bouncing off the walls this morning — literally, unfortunately — so I wanted to take him someplace to run around. But it was pouring rain, and the library was closed for MLK Day. (It's maybe not cool to take him to the library to run around, but hey, I feel like the SF Main sees far worse things that that. And plus, they owe me.)

Anyway, we were out of options, so we packed up the stroller and trekked the five blocks to the San Francisco Shopping Centre, where he could play under the rotunda.

We've done this a few times before, and it always feels a bit wrong. I mean, I wasn't going there with the intention of shopping.

And does it make it worse when you bring your own toys from home? (It probably would have been pushing it to set up a Pack 'n Play.)

The thing is, I see other families doing this too. Frequently, the parents are immigrants (I feel like they're always on the vanguard of getting-shit-for-free).

Next time I will try to at least purchase a Cinnabon.