Friday, January 01, 2010

Cities Visited: 2009 Edition

Ever since 2006, I've posted the number of cities I've visited each year — part of a feud with fellow blogger Anh-Minh.

Well, friends: It's hard to call it much of a feud this year, in that she visited twice as many cities as me. Note: The rules require you to stay overnight in each city for it to count. You also can only count each place once — even if you visit multiple times. (I went to both Santa Cruz and New York on several occasions.)

Here's my list:
1. Manhattan
2. Santa Cruz, Calif.
3. Paris
4. Provence, France
5. Lake Tahoe, Calif.
6. Scituate, Mass.
7. Northeast Harbor, Maine
8. Belmont, Mass.
9. Marietta, Ga.

I didn't even hit double digits this year. I blame a certain cranky flyer for keeping us from visiting more of the world.