Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The BuboBlog Index

As loyal readers know, I was the first to compare the number of Starbucks to the number of marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco.

I initially addressed the topic in March 2005. At that time, no one in the world had ever made this comparison (at least in print). That's why this benchmark should be referred to as The BuboBlog Index.

Since then, all sorts of people have started comparing the number of pot clubs to Starbucks, including local politicians, federal authorities and cable pundits. None of them has given credit to BuboBlog. (To see all my posts on the topic, click on this tag.)

Most recently, an article in the New York Times on marijuana use in the film "It's Complicated" made a passing reference to the index (without a proper citation, of course):
There are now about 1,000 medical marijuana dispensaries in the Los Angeles area alone, according to city estimates; as a point of reference, there are fewer than 300 Starbucks outposts.

Use of the index has spread outside California. Witness this story about pot clubs in Colorado:
At least 390 dispensaries have applied for city sales tax license to sell medical pot as of Monday, acting City Treasurer Steve Ellington told TheDenverChannel.com. That means Denver pot dispensaries outnumber by nearly 2-1 the 208 Starbucks in state of Colorado.

Listen, I'm not endorsing the use of marijuana or Starbucks, I just want credit. For instance, the New York Times story should have been written as follows: "The BuboBlog Index for Los Angeles County is now 10-3."

Thank you for your cooperation.