Sunday, July 05, 2009

Please, Not a Media Circus!

I quite enjoy former mayor Willie Brown's column in the Chronicle. It's the perfect blend of shameless namedropping, egotism and poor movie advice ("'The Proposal' — worth going to. Not exactly a comedy, but not too serious either." What does that even mean?).

This week he talks about his relationship with Michael Jackson. Apparently Michael sought his advice during his child-molestation trial.

Brown writes:
He invited me down to Neverland two or three times, but I had to advise him that my showing up would create a media circus, and that it wasn't in either of our interests for that to happen.

Right...having Willie Brown show up would have caused the media circus. Glad they averted that calamity!

By the way, I saw Willie Brown while dining at Perry's a while ago. He didn't say hello, but I could tell he sensed my presence and knew that an amazing person was nearby. By the way, I strongly recommend going to "My Sister's Keeper."

Oh no, I've adopted his writing style!