Thursday, July 09, 2009

I'll Just Stick With the Baby Bjorn, Thanks

Kelly owns a few baby slings that she uses to carry Elliot. They seem pretty comfortable, but I've never dreamed of wearing one myself — since I was under the impression that they were exclusively for women (not unlike the Hooter Hider).

Well, a company named Kangaroo Korner aims to disabuse me of this notion.

We were in a baby store in Berkeley and I came across a collection of Kangaroo Korner slings. While examining the packaging, I was shocked to see men wearing the product in some of the pictures. Here's one example.

I guess it's good to break down gender roles. But wait, what exactly is going on in this picture?

It looks like some kind of born-again baptism in rural Kentucky. If so, how did the baby have time to become an alcoholic or meth addict?

Or is the dad simply trying to drown the infant for not being a boy?