Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Global Warming Fail

Apparently we had our foggiest May in 50 years, keeping the city in jacket weather for most of the month. And thanks to global warming, it's only going to get foggier — and therefore, colder.

A study out of San Jose State confirmed what I've long posited: As inland areas get warmer, it will pull more fog onto San Francisco, making our idiosyncratic microclimate chillier than ever.

San Francisco is already the coldest major U.S. city in the summer (by a fair margin), followed by Seattle and Portland, Ore.

Average summer temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit:
1. San Francisco: 61.4
2. Seattle: 64.2
3. Portland: 66.4
4. Milwaukee: 69.6
5. Cleveland: 69.9

I would think this would be a good tourism opportunity. I call the trademark on this design:

So far, most tourists I see seem horrified by the billowing fog and arctic chill, but wait till they're sweltering in their hellish corner of the world for a few more years.

I guess we need to solve the problem of rising sea levels, but at least we'll be doing it sweat-free.