Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Where's 'Inept Dad'?

I was visiting today when I made a startling discovery.

I stumbled across a gift guide designed to suit "all kinds of dads" — and yet, none of the categories apply to me.

I would have a pretty hard time passing myself off as Outdoorsy Dad, Active Dad or Do-It-Yourself Dad. (Outdoor power tools? I didn't even know they made those.)

I might have lobbied for Hungry Dad, but then it recommends BBQ, which I don't really like.

And sadly, I don't even hold the remote control in the family — since Kelly's better at fastforwarding through commercials on TiVo (possibly due to her nimble carnie hands). Anyway, Remote-Holding Dad is out. She's also in charge of the computers and gadgets in our home, so no Techie Dad.

Where does that leave me?

Oh Amazon, why must you cruelly mock my existence on this planet!