Monday, June 01, 2009

Socking It Away

This is odd. There's a restaurant-bar on our block called Julie's Supper Club. It was quite popular in the 1990s but fell into decline, finally closing about four years ago.

It then reopened under new management — an event I blogged about back in 2006. (Fun fact: The same building was used in 1974 to hide Patty Hearst when the SLA had her in captivity.)

Anyway, the new restaurant never really promoted itself and always seemed pretty empty (except occasionally, when it would have these raucous events with lots of drunk revelers). I never understood why it was so poorly managed.

Well, the reason is now a little more clear: Apparently they didn't have a liquor license — despite having a full bar in plain sight.

The police shut it down last month, resulting in some pretty awesome high-jinks by the owner and bartender.

According to the Examiner:
At 1 a.m. May 10, officers were doing nightclub permit checks in the 1100 block of Folsom Street when they observed Julie’s Supper Club open for business. One officer knew from previous contact that the business had been operating and selling liquor without a license. The officers saw a fully stocked bar with a bartender pouring drinks for money. The bartender directed them to the owner when asked about a liquor license. The bartender then fled from the club.

The owner grabbed cash off the bar area and fled to the bathroom. One officer followed her and saw her stuff cash into her shoe. About $500 from the owner’s sock and about $900 more was seized, along with DJ equipment and turntables.

Did she have the DJ equipment in her sock? If so, that's pretty impressive.