Saturday, June 06, 2009

Keep On (Food) Truckin'

The Wall Street Journal did a story on the gourmet food-truck trend, and they mentioned our local Chez Spencer truck:
In San Francisco, a skewer of escargot in puffed pastry costs $2 at the Spencer on the Go truck, operated by chef Laurent Katgely, who also owns Chez Spencer, an upscale French restaurant.

It also looks like Slanted Door's owner might jump into the market:
One fan of Mr. Odermatt’s truck is chef Charles Phan, of San Francisco’s Slated Door fame, who likes the truck’s “really yummy” porchetta sandwich of roasted pork loin rolled into pork belly and sliced onto a French roll. He says the truck’s open design reminds him of street food in his home country, Vietnam. Mr. Phan says he is also in the early phases of planning his own lunch truck business, which would also allow consumers to observe the food.

Speaking of Charles Phan, he recently opened a swanky Chinese restaurant in our neighborhood. We got to try it the other night, and it's quite good. Unfortunately, it's been criticized for its seedy location (haters) and its odd name — "Heaven's Dog." Apparently people don't like to think of dogs when they eat Asian food.