Thursday, June 04, 2009

Going Overboard

Remember when Elliot was first born, and we took him on a subway while he was still in his stroller?

A Muni operator quickly chastised us for breaking "federal law" by not taking him out of the stroller inside the train. (It turns out that this was maybe not federal law, but Muni policy.)

Anyway, a mom in New Orleans confronted a similar situation — and maybe took things a bit too far.

From the Chronicle:
A 17-year-old mother was so angered that a city bus driver ordered her to fold up a stroller carrying her toddler, she poured a bottle of milk over the driver's head and then stabbed her, authorities said.

New Orleans Regional Transit Authority rules require strollers to be collapsed so they do not block aisles. After the woman refused several requests, veteran bus driver Hanella Johnson said she would not move the bus until the stroller was folded, Officer Garry Flot of the New Orleans Police Department said Thursday.

"The woman then got up and spilled milk from a baby bottle on the victim," Flot said. "Then she took the baby and stroller off the bus."

Johnson, 41, followed Derrion Scott off the bus Tuesday, and a scuffle took place near the bus door, Flot said. Johnson was treated for a 4-inch-deep stab wound and got out of the hospital Wednesday.

It doesn't say if it was breast milk she poured on the driver. If so, gross.

Also, the stabbing part was excessive.