Sunday, June 21, 2009

BuboBlog Reviews 'The Hangover'

We finally saw "The Hangover" today, and it was very funny. But parents should beware: It contains several instances of baby abuse.

The infant in the film is:
(a) abandoned in a closet
(b) struck with a car door
(c) put in a moving vehicle without a car seat
(c) left unattended in the car (in the hot Nevada sun!)
(d) snarfed on

And that doesn't even mention the scene involving feigned baby masturbation.

Is this grounds for a boycott? Well, we already paid to see the movie, so I can't really participate. But maybe I can withhold a half-star and only give it ***1/2 asterisks (out of 4). Ooh, burn! There goes the movie's word-of-mouth.

Anyway, at least the baby turns out alright in the end. And there is a nice breast-feeding scene, so La Leche League should be psyched about that.

On the whole, we quite enjoyed the film. Zach Galifianakis was great as the idiot-savant brother-in-law who carries Skittles in his satchel (that last part hit a little close to home, actually). There also were some great small roles, including the guy who runs the wedding chapel, the easily bribed doctor, and the Daily Show's Rob Riggle as a cop. I also was glad to see another appearance by the Dan Band, which does a hilarious cover of "Candy Shop" (you'll recall they were also in "Old School").

I wasn't as crazy about the turns by Mike Tyson (who didn't add all that much) or Ken Jeong's Chinese gangster (who was a bit too over-the-top).

Also, what's with the trend of male nudity in comedies lately? Eek. (Thankfully, the baby was fully clothed.)