Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh My Gosh, I'm a Drug Mule

I flew to New York today, and something odd happened while I was going through security.

There was this sketchy-looking guy ahead of me (I think he may have had facial hair) who sent his bags through the metal detector.

As I was getting my bins ready to send down the conveyor belt, he said, "Oh hey, can I put this with your stuff? Just so I don't have to get another container for it."

He handed me this gold chain with a medallion. The medallion was cobra-themed or something. Anyway, it looked like the kind of thing you would pop open and hide a roofie inside...or worse.

I said, "Okay." So he put the chain into my hands (getting my fingerprints all over it, of course).

Fortunately it got through security without incident (he then took it back). But what if it hadn't?

I could just imagine me saying, "Actually, it belongs to that guy over there."

"What guy?"