Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BuboBlog Reviews 'I Love You, Man'

Elliot's grandmother babysat him last night, allowing us to see our second movie in the theater this year (after "Star Trek"). We saw "I Love You, Man," and I'm happy to report that we're two-for-two in 2009.

In classic Aptovian mold, the film mixes ribald humor with genuine warmth. The two stars, Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, have real chemistry. And while some of the jokes fall flat — I'd say any line delivered by Lou Ferrigno had a 50-50 shot of landing (or being understood) — the dialogue was fresh and unpredictable.

I'm not sure it was quite as good as some other recent Apatovian films (I would rank Rudd's last movie, "Role Models," a bit higher — and ditto for "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," which starred both Rudd and Segel). Still, it's definitely worth seeing.

It also gives viewers the thrill of hearing the film's title spoken by a character. That's always awesome.

I'll tell you one thing, no one in "Star Trek" ever says, "STAR TREK!" (the big disappointment of that film).

BuboBlog Rating: Three asterisks (out of four).