Saturday, April 18, 2009

Will Bubo Get a Part?

As you know, this blog is named after Bubo, the mechanical owl in "Clash of the Titans." Why? Because he's awesome.

Now that they're doing a remake of the movie, I'm wondering if they'll resurrect the Bubo character. With the original film, some critics noted that there wasn't really a mechanical owl in Greek mythology. And that it was just a shameless attempt to mimic R2D2 (and possibly Twiki: "bidi-bidi-bidi, sorry Buck").

But it's not as if the original film was that faithful to Greek mythology in general. What was up with the Kraken? Isn't that Norse? (The same creature also pops up in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series, which isn't exactly modeled on Greek mythology.)

For that matter, the title isn't accurate, since hardly anyone in the movie qualifies as a Titan.

With that said, I hope we as a people haven't moved past the need for cheesy mechanical sidekicks. Bring back Bubo!