Monday, April 13, 2009

Soulemate Make Action!

There's a French baby-clothing chain called Du Pareil au même, or DPAM for short. Apparently it's a popular place for American parents to visit. We stopped by one of the store's locations in Paris, figuring we could get some outfits with funny French sayings.

Problem is, two-thirds of the clothes were covered with English sayings. Well, "sayings" isn't the right word — since none of the words on these clothes were even vaguely idiomatic.

Here's an example: "masked club." Huh, like the one in "Eyes Wide Shut"?

This was my favorite. It says: "No Hunger For All / For Global World / Respect Nature / Water Is Life / Soulemate Make Action / Feel Your Place On Earth / Green Leafs For Planet."

That's quite a lot to stick on a (baby) shirt! At least it's a positive message. I mean, if soulemates don't make action, who will?

But still, I wonder why Americans flock to this place? Are they trying to make their babies look like Japanese tourists?