Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mugshot Showdown!

Today the MTV site debated whether Phil Spector's mugshot was the "weirdest ever."

The site then made an odd attempt to shame its readers for making light of the situation:
Phil Spector’s crime was violent and heinous. His expression in this photo is one of surprise and — for better or worse — that makes it somewhat hilarious. It doesn’t change what happened that night in 2003 and it won’t bring Lana Clarkson back, but it does provide a moment of levity in an otherwise tragic story.

Um, you can't have it both ways, MTV — making fun of the mugshot and then trying to take the high road. (Also, can something be "somewhat hilarious"?)

Anyway, maybe it's just because I give extra points for fashion choices, but I think I would still rank Spector's mugshot below Nick Nolte's and some of my other favorites. (Though I guess Phil Spector is wearing something kinda weird in his photo. Or is that a correctional facilities outfit?)

It's hard to beat this shirt:

And you know how I feel about this one (a unicorn and a Rubik's Cube??):

Really, can anyone match this?