Friday, April 10, 2009

Celebrating Five Years of BuboBlog: 2007

2007 was a more innocent time: We enjoyed the music of Amy Winehouse but hadn't yet realized that she was a cracked-out nutjob. (Or maybe we had, I forget.)

We also watched chuman excitement spread deeper into popular culture, with the publication of Michael Crichton's "Next." This was from my review (spoiler warning): the story a geneticist and his family adopt the chuman boy. They give it a haircut and a baseball cap, and after that most people just think the kid is a hairy African-American. (This seems like dangerous ground for Michael Crichton to trod, but he's just like that.) As the story reaches its exciting climax, the chuman (a) throws feces at his opponents (b) bites off an ear (c) befriends a talking parrot.

Amazing that the book didn't get wider acclaim.

In February of that year, BuboBlog documented my attempt to not buy anything for a month (unsuccessfully).

In other news, I spotted the awesomest shirt ever featured in a mug shot (yes, including Nick Nolte's), and Kelly saved a crazed chihuahua.

The blog struggled with how to punctuate "ho's." And I reimagined a page from "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

Beard fever lasted briefly. On our street, the SFPD engaged shirtless gas-siphoners in an odd showdown.

Finally, I discussed the evolution of what hour is appropriate to have ho's/hos in your living room. (The answer: 10 a.m. may now be OK.)