Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Celebrating Five Years of BuboBlog: 2005

Remember 2005? It was a tumultuous year. Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans. Pope John Paul II died. And thousands descended on Washington to protest the war in Iraq.

Not that you'd know any of that from reading this blog. Apparently I found all that stuff to be boooring. What an ass I am.

Instead, I wrote about chumans, the whizzinator and joke-e-oke (which I guess never really caught on).

I had a hard time finding a sample of what the blog looked like in 2005. So here's a rough simulation:

It was that year that I began comparing the number of San Francisco pot clubs to the number of Starbucks — a statistic that others copied later without citing me.

Oh right: And I got marriedas did my brother. Kelly and I also entered the real-estate market in 2005. What perfect timing!

We adjusted to a new neighborhood, met some friendly locals and even experienced a sideshow on our street.

Most importantly, I ranked the best Dr. Dre-produced tracks of all time.