Monday, March 16, 2009

More on 23rd Century San Francisco

Remember when I pointed out the shot of San Francisco in the new "Star Trek" movie trailer?

Well, some guy posted a YouTube video complaining that the city would never allow buildings that tall. The video is actually kind of lame and not that funny, but I will link here to the SlashFilm blog entry about it. (It also bothers me that the guy uses an out-of-date "current" picture of San Francisco. The One Rincon and Millennium towers are missing.)

On the plus side, it provides us with this still image of the movie shot in question.

Side note: There seems to be some confusion as to which bridge is shown in the shot (the guy who posted the YouTube clip says it's the Bay Bridge). I think it's fairly obvious if you look at the cables that it's the Golden Gate — though the gray look of the city may be compounding the confusion.

The Golden Gate:

The Bay Bridge:

If it is the Golden Gate, much of Presidio gets developed in the future. That would seem to be the bigger story here — since Don Fisher can't even manage to put an art museum in the Presidio without fierce opposition.

UPDATE: There's now an "answer" to the original YouTube clip. Check it out.