Monday, March 23, 2009

Getting a Bad Name

Remember when I called out Hollywood for having unrealistic names for New England towns?

Well, I'm back with another gripe: giving characters names that no one that age would have.

The other day we watched a new show on TNT called "Trust Me." It's about two advertising executives in their 40s named "Connor" and "Mason." Those are their first names.

As someone who recently had to name a baby, I can tell you that both those names are quite popular right now. You know when they *weren't* popular? In the 1960s, when these characters would have been born.

Here's the chart for Mason, from the NameVoyager site (click to enlarge):

And here's Connor:

Is it *possible* for a man in his 40s to be named Connor? Sure, it's possible. But highly unlikely — it essentially didn't exist as a first name before the 1980s. It's like naming a 40-year-old woman "Madison." It just rings false.

The most popular boys' names in the 1960s? Michael, David and John.