Saturday, March 14, 2009

Firefighter Helps Woman Mess Up Taxi

Remember when a cab driver tried to deny a ride to Kelly because she was pregnant? At the time, I questioned how many taxi-cab baby deliveries occur in real life.

Well, it looks like one happened this week in Brooklyn. And the cab driver was no help. A firefighter had to swoop in and save the day.

"The baby started to come [and] the cab driver, I guess, freaked out,” the hero firefighter said. The child's umbilical cord had wrapped around his neck. [Firefighter Severino] Genovese quickly freed the boy, who immediately started drawing healthy breaths.

Paramedics arrived moments later, cut the cord and rushed the new family to nearby Lutheran Medical Center.

If anything, this incident will make taxi drivers more likely to discriminate against pregnant women in the future. It sounds like it was pretty scary.

And in fairness to the cabbie, the firefighter probably didn't hang around to clean up afterwards.