Monday, February 25, 2008

If Keeping Right Is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Left

Today, as I plied San Francisco's sidewalks, I had to readjust to walking on the right again. I've spent the last 10 days desperately trying to keep left of people walking down the street. Let me tell you: It was really hard!

Sydney can get super-crowded, so it was a challenge to stay out of people's way. Kelly tried to reassure me that no one really cared or noticed. But then I opened the newspaper (Sydney's Morning Herald, considered to be the city's newspaper of record) and discovered this letter to the editor:
A walk on the wrong side: Every time I visit the Sydney CBD [central business district] I have at least one person crash into me because they are walking on the wrong side of the footpath. What's happened to the rule of keeping left? We drive on the left, therefore we walk on the left.

See! I wasn't just imagining.

I made the worst flub in New Zealand. We were touring the Houses of Parliament and I was walking upstairs on the right side as some guys (possibly MPs) were coming down. I practically collided with them, almost causing an international incident! And we know how they handle those.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Experiment: Parts 2 & 3

Somewhat inconclusive...

I'm Back

We made it home. How cool is this: We got here *before* we left?

I'm going to call my past self and tell him to not eat the veal cutlet.

Friday, February 22, 2008

South Siiiiiide!!!

Look at me, blogging from the Southern Hemisphere. I'm here in Wellington, New Zealand, stealing a few moments on the hotel computer in the lobby. I can't write much, since I may have to give up my stool for the five o'clock sheep shearing.

It's nice here -- weather is similar to San Francisco in the summer, though less foggy and a little hotter. Also, apparently we're under a hole in the ozone layer so extra sunblock is a must.

Fun fact: Whereas they call French fries "chips" in the U.K. and Australia, guess what they call them here in New Zealand? Fries! I just blew your mind there a little bit, didn't I?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

'Separate Ways'

As loyal readers know, I'm a huge fan of the band Journey (what resident of the Yae isn't?). But has it occurred to me to watch their videos on YouTube? No. Until now that is!!

I came across the video for "Separate Ways," thanks to BuboBlog Richmond Correspondent Amie.

Let's just say, IT'S THE GREATEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN. In addition to the best air keyboarding ever captured on film, there's some good shots of the San Francisco waterfront -- before people came and made it all "nice."

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yogurt Update

When we went to L.A. I was hoping to get a chance to visit Pinkberry or one of the many knockoffs, but we didn't have time (we did have a celebrity spotting of Jason Schwartzman while dining at Real Food Daily in West Hollywood*, but that's another story).

There may be some controversy about the legitimacy of the yogurt at these chains. Some friends said they were enjoying dessert at a Pinkberry-like establishment, when they had a run-in with a disgruntled ex-employee. After arguing with management over his final paycheck, he turned to them and said, "It's not real yogurt, you know. It's just sour cream with powder from Korea!" Then he stormed out.

*Is it cool to call it WeHo? I couldn't get a straight answer.

Sydney: Gayer than San Francisco?

We're taking a vacation to Australia and New Zealand this month, starting on Wednesday. The main point of the trip is to attend a wedding in Wellington, but since neither of us has ever been Down Under, we figured we'd see a bit of Sydney too.

Anyway, so yesterday Kelly bought a Sydney guidebook. I was looking at the cover and thought it was a bit odd that the main picture is not of the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge but of two gay men, one of which is wearing what I believe is termed a "banana hammock."

Now, I've heard that Sydney has a gay version of Mardi Gras, which is a big attraction. But still, I can't imagine a San Francisco guidebook having its main picture be of two guys wearing assless chaps. Has San Francisco lost its gay bragging rights? Is Sydney gayer than us?

'Fissure' Screening

On Thursday we flew down to L.A. for the day to attend a screening of "Fissure." It was exciting to finally see the movie on the big screen — well, a reasonably big screen (it was in one of the screening rooms at the CBS Studio Center).

After miscalculating L.A. traffic (it's really bad — do people know about this??), we showed up late to the screening. Fortunately, the lead actor showed up even later then us (actors!). After the movie, we fielded some questions — it was fun.

We also walked around the CBS Studio Center for a bit. This is where they shot everything from "Seinfeld" to "CSI: New York." Unfortunately, due to the writer's strike, it was very quiet.

Oh, but the good news is, "Fissure" was accepted into the First Glance Hollywood film festival, which runs April 11-13. It's one of the festival's "official selections," which means "Fissure" can have one of these laurel-wreath doodads like this:

Monday, February 04, 2008

Tiffany Stalker

There's a new documentary film about a guy who stalked the singer Tiffany in the 1980s. This might not be too notable except for the fact that the stalker was from Santa Cruz and he has the same name as my father (who also lives in Santa Cruz).

It's a little disconcerting to read stories like this:
Santa Cruz's Jeff Turner gained a degree of infamy in the late 1980s as a stalker to the pop singer Tiffany, but director Sean Donnelly's new film "I Think We're Alone Now" makes the case that "stalker" isn't really the right term for Turner's bizarre relationship with Tiffany — though Turner is seen reading from a restraining order early on in the film. Turner's really just a fan whose intensity of ardor goes a few degrees beyond most people's fan worship.
I would hope that if my dad were a stalker, he would go after someone cooler, like Debbie Gibson Rick Astley.

Joe Montana's Legacy Preserved

This was a tough Super Bowl for the Yae Area. You could either root for local-boy Tom Brady and his Patriots (he's from San Mateo). Or you could root against him in the hopes that Joe Montana would remain the only quarterback with four Super Bowl championships.

Well, looks like Joe came out on the winning end.