Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ripped From Multiple Headlines Simultaneously

We were watching a "Law & Order" tonight that promised to rip the Larry Craig story from the headlines and build an episode around it. But actually, the Larry Craig-inspired part ended fairly early, and then the story switched to something that was clearly inspired by Norman Hsu (the friend of the Clintons who lined up fraudulent campaign donations).

In the show, they made Hsu a Latino instead of Asian. Still, it was nice for a Bay Area-based scandal to get some attention. I'm hoping an upcoming episode will feature a character called, say, "Ted Hebrew" -- an oddly named Chinese-American politician who lies about where he lives and takes bribes from tapioca shops.

Are you listening, Dick Wolf?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tahoe in Winter

Here are photos from the Tahoe cabin. The snow was taller than me in some spots. And the icicles looked like they were seven feet long.

These conditions probably would have made for great skiing, but we only managed to do a little sledding. (Kelly didn't get any pictures of that fortunately, since I was told I sled like a girl.)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Misquoted...or the Result of a Drug-Addled Brain? You Make the Call!

I found this amusing: Neil Young and the other members of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young have a new movie about their concert tour...or the Iraq War...or Bush...or all three.

Anyway, I think either this Reuters reporter misquoted Neil Young or maybe the man has lost a step:
"We went to war for one reason, then the reason changed every six months," said the project's main catalyst, Neil Young.... "America never had a pre-eminent war in history before this, so we had something to say."

The Iraq War is our first pre-eminent war? That's awesome news!

Hold On

Seems like all the Kennedys are lining up to support Barack Obama for president.

But why hasn't anyone discussed the crucial Jamie Kennedy endorsement? I feel like this is what America is waiting for!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

We Lived!

Well, we're back from Tahoe. We got a ride up in an SUV, and only got stuck in the snow once (well, twice maybe). The white stuff was crazy-heavy...maybe I can post some pictures soon.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Snow Bound

Kelly has never really experienced snow, so we are going to Tahoe this weekend to change that.

However, could we have picked a worse weekend? Apparently there's way *too much* snow. It's avalanching and crap [is "avalanching" a word? -ed.].

Also, I discovered that I pretty much own no winter clothes anymore. I didn't have a jacket, boots, etc.

If I don't make it back, send donations to the BuboBlog Fund, a Section 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

You Heard It Here First

What's this, apparently the Chronicle is stealing their ideas from BuboBlog now!

They just did a big spread on "the new yogurt culture" (that's a pun, see).

An excerpt:
It's a whole new world for yogurt lovers. In recent years, the dairy product's popularity has exploded. Though it has always been considered nourishing and a significant source of calcium, new research detailing even greater benefits has driven health-conscious consumers to the marketplace en masse.

Fresh yogurt now commands serious acreage in the dairy case. And the introduction of tart, natural-flavored frozen yogurt by the Pinkberry chain has been so widely copied that it has garnered a cultlike following.

In the Bay Area, these shops are popping up like wildflowers, and with places like Fraiche [in Palo Alto] breaking new ground by making their own yogurt, consumers are finding new ways - and more reasons - to enjoy this versatile food.

Yogurt also featured prominently in a story yesterday. The former "Survivor" winner Yul Kwon wanted to open a yogurt place in North Beach, but they're trying to stop him because it's considered a chain restaurant. My favorite part of the article was the fact that they called him one of People magazine's "sexist" men alive (sadly, that typo was corrected in the online version).

Stop Watching Me, Gmail

As I've mentioned before, Gmail monitors my messages and then delivers ads that are relevant to what I'm discussing.

So should I be a little freaked out that I sent an e-mail today mentioning Heath Ledger and then got an ad indicating that a luxury condo in Manhattan is available?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

BuboBlog Watches Television Advertisements

  • What's with the ads from, where people talk about how they were rejected from I know the subtext here: eHarmony doesn't allow gays on its site, so I think the ads are supposed to hint at that fact, saying in essence, "Hey there gays, come be on our site." But since the ads aren't explicit, and most of the people featured in the spots don't appear gay, you just get the feeling that is for total rejects. And I feel like even people who are rejects don't want to feel like they have to date other rejects. I predict these ads are not successful.

  • I saw a PETA public-service announcement about how I need to give pets more attention. What gives? It's bad enough I have to not eat or wear animals -- now I have to keep them company too?! PETA has gone too far.

  • UPDATE: Apparently there is a version of the ad where the person says they are gay. But I haven't seen it on TV, just on the Web. Maybe they were concerned this ad wouldn't play well in the San Francisco market.

    Monday, January 21, 2008

    BuboBlog Analysis! Is Frozen Yogurt Back?

    I'm excited about anything involving cereal — as you know from my earlier posts about Cereality, the cereal fast-food place that, sadly, hasn't made it to the Yae Area. (I'm not sure this chain is doing so hot; they opened in 2004 and have swelled to three locations.)

    Well, on Friday we were walking through the Fillmore district when we came across some place called Jubili. They had bins of cereal against the wall, so I thought maybe it was a Cereality-type place. But it turns out it's more like Pinkberry, a frozen-yogurt chain based in Los Angeles (we don't have any of those either).

    It's funny — I've had a couple conversations lately where people have complained about the lack of frozen yogurt in S.F. I just thought it was because the fad died in the 1990s, but apparently there are still plenty of people out there getting their fro-yo on.

    Unfortunately, we didn't have time to actually try Jubili. I just snapped a couple camera-phone shots and we were on our way. The reviews on Yelp seem pretty positive.

    P.S.: One frozen-dessert chain that should *not* come to S.F. is Tasti D-Lite. What's up with that place? Their stuff tastes like ass.

    Wacky Weather

    We're in Santa Cruz for the long MLK weekend, and today we walked downtown for lunch. On the way back, it started to rain like crazy and we waited it out under a bus shelter. Then the rain turned to hail! Pretty unusual for these parts. Anyway, I captured the scene with my camera phone.

    Apparently there could be snow on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin this week.

    Parkmerced in the News

    Apparently they want to turn my old apartment complex, Parkmerced, into a model of 21st century living -- more densely populated, less car-centric and, get this, completely off the power grid (by using wind turbines and crap). I say, awesome!! Bring it on. Sadly, the elderly people in that part of town will probably fight the project (unless they all died since I moved away six years ago).

    By the way, it looks like they've stopped trying to call the place "The Villas at Parkmerced." I guess prospective renters didn't really buy it (after they arrived and saw the Khrushchev-era buildings).

    Thursday, January 17, 2008

    Hee Hee

    For many years it's been my dream to go into an Audi dealership and ask the salesperson if they would show me their TTs. (I would then giggle and run away.)

    Well, now I'm excited about the prospect of this new $2,500 car (pictured) coming from India. Because I'll be able to go in and ask them to show me their Tatas.

    Sunday, January 13, 2008


    I would blog about what I did in Vegas, but apparently you're not supposed to do that.

    Virgin Voyage

    I went to Vegas this weekend and figured I would test out the new airline based in San Francisco: Virgin America.

    The airline is affiliated somehow with Virgin Atlantic, but this one is designed to compete with budget U.S. airlines like JetBlue and Southwest.

    Anyway, it’s pretty cool! The plans are all hip inside, with mood lighting and colored plexiglas. When you first step inside, you pass under these black lights -- like you’re in a nightclub (sadly, there was no strobe). And all the seats have touch screens in the seat backs. Get this: You can send messages to people in other seats through the screen! (I didn’t know anyone else on the flight, so I thought it might be creepy to use this feature.)

    You also can order a drink with your touch screen, and the flight attendant will come deliver it. Even the safety video was funny -- it was this cartoon with goofy characters.

    All the seats have outlets, including USB and regular electrical outlets. It’s pretty nifty. And the flight to Las Vegas even took off early and got there early -- how often does that happen? Anyway, it was probably my best non-first-class flying experience.

    P.S. Virgin America, you can make out the check to: BuboBlog Industries International LLC.

    Wednesday, January 09, 2008


    Question: If crying leads to victory, then why aren't I THE MOST POWERFUL PERSON ON EARTH?

    Sunday, January 06, 2008

    Mammoth Question

    How can you have an entire news article about a baby mammoth being discovered intact, without anyone asking the most important question: How quickly can we clone it?

    I would like to see one of these at the San Francisco Zoo (they may need to build a higher fence, so that I can safely taunt it).

    Photo Fun

    I have procured a higher-quality camera phone, so hopefully I'll be able to post better pictures to the blog.

    I noticed this sign while browsing at the Daiso, which is kind of like the Japanese equivalent of a dollar store.

    Apparently at Daiso, "Shoplifters are considered as Theft." Well, hopefully the stolen shoplifters will be returned to their rightful owners then, maybe on a plantation.

    P.S.: Kelly didn't think this sign was funny enough to post on BuboBlog. Boy did I show her!

    Wednesday, January 02, 2008

    Cities Visited: 2007 Edition

    Last year I listed all the cities I visited in 2006, an effort to start a crazy online feud with fellow blogger Anh-Minh.

    Well, here's my 2007 list and I have to say, she kicked my butt this time around.

    The rules are, you have to have stayed overnight in that city. I may have cheated a bit by listing both Manhattan and Brooklyn, but, hey, they're in different counties!

    1. Santa Cruz, Calif.
    2. Dallas (pictured)
    3. Pismo Beach, Calif.
    4. Santa Barbara, Calif.
    5. Pacific Grove, Calif.
    6. Brooklyn, N.Y.
    7. Manhattan, N.Y.
    8. Salt Lake City
    9. Scituate, Mass.
    10. Northeast Harbor, Maine
    11. Napa, Calif.
    12. Atlanta
    13. Savannah, Ga.

    New Year's

    Last night we celebrated New Year's at a friend's party and then all went out to a bar before midnight. Good times.

    Surprisingly enough, I believe that's water in her glass.

    Who is this man hugging us (and where can I get a calculator watch like that)?

    This dance move looks better live.

    Tuesday, January 01, 2008

    'Dough Nuts'

    Here's another '80s PSA that I quote a lot -- the "Dough Nuts." It was supposed to teach kids to be smart with money.

    Apparently there was a series of them, but I only remembered the tag line: "Out they go to spend their dough without their common sense -- they're the Dough Nuts." Here's a second installment.

    Okay, one last one: "Don't Drown Your Food." Does this seem like an odd thing to make a public service announcement about? I mean, with all the problems in 1980s America (AIDS, savings-and-loan defaults, the Sandinistas), they're worried about kids putting too much mayonnaise on their food. I'm pretty sure most kids don't even like mayonnaise. (Marshmallow fluff, now you're talking.)

    'Computer Critters'

    In the 1980s, they would show these cartoon "public service announcements" that would teach kids about computers. (I use quotes because I'm not sure kids needed help grasping the importance of computers.)

    Anyway, for the last 20-plus years, I've been quoting the British alligator lady saying, "Digital watches are computers." But I never thought I'd see the real PSA again. Thanks to YouTube, now I can. Check it out.

    Episode 2 of the series is good too -- in that it teaches you about a new input device called "a mouse."

    P.S.: Could someone explain that part where they say computers are for "paying bills...mothers too." Do they mean computers are for paying mothers or that computers are also for mothers? Either way, it's an odd bit of dialogue.