Monday, October 13, 2008

Kelly as Palin 2008 Campaign

Tonight I had a stroke of genius: Kelly and Elliot should be Sarah Palin and Trig for Halloween!

After all, Kelly and Sarah Palin both have brown hair, they both have babies, and hello, they both wear GLASSES.

Sadly, Kelly seemed less excited about the idea.

Nick: "You should do it!"
Kelly: "Everyone is going to be Sarah Palin for Halloween."
Nick: "Yeah, but how many people are going to have a living prop?"
Kelly: "I'm not dressing up Elliot as a down-syndrome baby."

What, like it would be such a big difference? It's not like he's solving Lagrangian formulas or anything. (As I type this, he's lying next to me flailing his arms and spitting up on our microfiber couch.)

Anyway, so Kelly may need some convincing.