Thursday, September 18, 2008

Working Dad

I went back to work this week, which has drastically cut into my blogging time.

Oh, and also I get to spend less time with Elliot!

I feel very grown-up now when I come home from work and greet my wife and child. Part of me expects Elliot to be equally excited to see me, but he's not really feeling it yet. Yesterday I put him on my lap and he took the opportunity to pee on my pants. His aim was amazing too, because it really made it look like *I* had wet my own pants.

It's worse when Elliot has just been fed. At first he looks all opium-eyed and relaxed, until suddenly he needs to be burped. Then I have to comfort him while he pukes all over me. It's kind of like a motel party with 1990s Robert Downey Jr.