Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Intoxicated with POWER

Look at me: I just edited a Wikipedia page for the first time. Have you tried this? It's actually very easy. Maybe too easy. I could spend all day doing this.

I was looking at the Wikipedia entry devoted to the name "Elliot" and noticed that there were many famous Elliots missing from the list.

So I added this one: "Eliot Ness, American Prohibition agent, head of The Untouchables."

I thought about adding Eliot Spitzer as well, but maybe I don't want the name tainted (at least on Wikipedia).

Interestingly, there are almost no famous "Elliots" (two L's, one T). (There's this composer, and some guy in the Cars, but c'mon.) Every well-known person with the name is either two L's, two T's or one L, one T. Odd, since we deliberately chose the most common spelling of the name.

So our Elliot is destined for a life of obscurity, or he'll have to be the first famous "Elliot" ever. That's a lot of pressure.