Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I Too Am Offended

There was a letter to the editor in today's Chronicle that decried a "callous" quote from Jennifer Siebel Newsom (the mayor's new wife):
Editor - What an appalling, cruel remark was tossed off by the mayor's wife , as quoted by Carolyn Lochhead, in her Aug. 30 report on reactions to the choice of Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential candidate.

"As a woman who is a champion of women's equality, I find (the pick) very interesting and a maverick move," said Jennifer Siebel Newsom, who along with her husband, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, backed Hillary Rodham Clinton. "I'm very curious. I drank the Obama Kool-Aid. I'm into Michelle Obama, but I'm excited to see another woman get attention as a vice presidential candidate."

Obviously Michelle Obama does not need frivolous, lightweight support as she has worked for and earned every bit of her success, without a silver spoon.

To use the term "drank the Obama Kool-Aid" is trivializing and insulting to the memory of the more than 900 people who tragically died at the hands of Jim Jones in Guyana in 1978.

To use the term in any remote attempt to connect with the success of Barack Obama' campaign is cruel and ugly. This remark demonstrates either monumental ignorance of San Francisco history or vicious nastiness. In either case, one of the mayor's handlers ought to put a muzzle on her.


I was really excited for the letter writer to correct the mayor's wife on her misuse of Kool-Aid. But then she didn't. What a missed opportunity!

I plan to write my own letter about how CYNTHIA WEST is monumentally ignorant of fruit drink powder brands.