Sunday, September 07, 2008

Elliot Comes Home

It was very exciting to put Elliot in the car seat for the first time yesterday and leave the hospital. We crested the hill and got a beautiful view of San Francisco. "This is where you live, Elliot," I said. "The greatest city in the world."

Then a few minutes later: "This is your neighborhood...sorry about that."

Elliot has been quite a handful since we got home. He cried pretty much constantly last night, and he's only been a little more tranquil during the day. Elliot also cries like a bleating goat being dismembered. It's very charming.

Here's something we won't have to inform the neighbors: "Yeah, so, we had the baby." They're already painfully aware.

This is him during a rare moment of peace. I call this photo: "Laptop in sleep mode." As you can see, he has dirty-blond hair, which is odd. If our mailman weren't an Asian woman, I might be concerned.

Kelly holds him on the couch — the morning after a sleepless night.

My brother Max was in town with daughter Margot. This depicts an intense meeting-of-the-minds between the two cousins.

"Holla back, you heard me?"