Monday, September 08, 2008

Caption Contest: Who's Copying Whom?

The New Yorker has had a contest since 2005 where they provide a cartoon with no caption and readers send in suggestions. The magazine prints the top three, which are then voted on. (You may remember a article in June on how to win the New Yorker contest.)

Anyway, so it seemed like a lame knockoff when Parade magazine (the free supplement that comes with Sunday papers) decided to have their own cartoon caption contest.

Then something weird happened in the latest New Yorker (the one with McCain on the cover). The contest's drawing looks quite similar to a cartoon that Parade used for their caption contest in June.


And the New Yorker's:

Parade's winning caption was: "My doctor said I could have one cup of coffee a day."

To be fair, that caption wouldn't make any sense with the New Yorker version. But still...seems fishy.