Saturday, August 02, 2008

'Speed' (Mis)reading

I'm not one to defend Los Angeles ("City of the Angels? more like a concrete jungle full of macks, Cadillacs and crack sacks")...however, I was a little perturbed by the New Yorker's review of "In Search of a Midnight Kiss," which is set in L.A.

Reviewer Anthony Lane, who generally liked the film, says the following:
Being carless for most of the time, they take the [L.A.] subway. Viewers in other countries, who know the city only from films, could be forgiven for not realizing that it has a subway; they know that it has at least one bus route, thanks to “Speed,” but beyond that their best guess would be that Angelenos are born in their cars and die there.

Um, anyone who's seen "Speed" would know that the finale is set inside the subway. How does Anthony Lane think Dennis Hopper's character gets decapitated? Maybe he fell asleep during that part.