Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pregnant Woman Suffers Discrimination (Part 2)

Yesterday I rode BART to Oakland with Kelly. It was a crowded car and there were no empty seats when we got on. I was really surprised when no one offered Kelly a seat, since she clearly looks pregnant (enough to frighten cab drivers).

She says this is very common on transit. She also says men are less likely to give up their seats than women.

This surprised me. I would figure men would be more likely because (a) they have some lingering sense of chivalry (b) women usually keep to themselves and avoid eye contact on transit because there are a lot of scary people who will try to talk to them.

Among the male population, Latino men are the most likely to give up their seats for her.

Maybe it's just that white men are afraid of insinuating that she's fat. If so, I applaud their sensitivity!

UPDATE: Today Kelly said a white man offered his seat to her. But it was a gay man. So maybe we can narrow the offenders to straight white men. Bastards.