Sunday, August 24, 2008

Musical Deja Vu

I was reading Rolling Stone magazine (Kelly has a subscription due to a clerical error — she's supposed to be getting Real Simple), and they had a Q&A with Katy Perry (pictured), who sings "I Kissed a Girl." They asked her who came up with the lyrics for the song.

She responded:
"I did, actually. One morning, I woke up with the chorus and was like, "'[Gasp] I love this! This is so taboo, though!'"

I'm thinking, didn't a different song with the exact same title come out when I was in college?

I posed this question to Kelly and she said she remembered the old song and then started singing Ace of Base's "I Saw the Sign" — only with "I Kissed a Girl" as the chorus. I think she actually did not remember the old song.

Anyway, so I found it online — it was released in 1995 by an artist named Jill Sobule.

I guess there's nothing wrong with Katy Perry also writing a song about kissing a girl and using the same title...but don't go acting like [gasp] you're being taboo, Katy Perry. Unless you mean by 1995 standards. (Back then, tattoos were still taboo.)

This reminds of when Robin S. had a hit with a song called "Show Me Love" in 1993. And then five years later, an artist named Robyn had a hit with a different song by the same name. WTF? Two people named Robin/byn using the same title? Were they just trying to screw with my head? If so, bravo...