Monday, August 04, 2008

It's Official...

Usually when a trend or catch-phrase makes its way into BuboBlog, it's the official signal that the trend is already over. Witness the time I used "hells yeah." Did you ever hear that phrase again afterwards? I didn't think so.

So imagine my surprise when someone was even later than me in acknowledging the whole "staycation" craze. I saw it last weekend in a column printed in the Alameda Journal. Some woman named Ginny Prior — who writes the kind of column for which, "I enjoy chatting over coffee" is a perfectly acceptable lede — shared her experience taking a so-called staycation to San Francisco. (Bonus: She wears a big floppy hat in her picture.)

Why am I reading the Alameda Journal, you ask? Well, twice a month my writing group meets in Alameda. A friend and I like to go a cheesesteak place afterward and I check out the local papers. Interesting sidenote: It's the first place I've ever gone to in my life where I have a "usual." The lady starts writing down my order right when I come in — without me having to say anything. For a while in my 20s, I tried to order a Black Russian all the time, hoping it would become my usual. But it never took...which is probably for the best since Black Russians are disgusting.

Oh no, the preceding story was boring. I've become the very thing I set out to mock! Damn you, Ginny Prior. [He who fights monsters must take care not to become one. -Guest Editor Friedrich Nietzsche.]