Monday, July 21, 2008

'Watchmen' Trailer

We went to see "The Dark Knight" this weekend (more on that later), and they showed a preview for "Watchmen." The trailer looked pretty good, but thinking back to the source material, I can't imagine this movie will work.

I predict it's either (a) an unwieldy, convoluted mess or (b) ludicrous or (c) both.

I don't remember the graphic novel entirely, but doesn't the finale involve (spoiler alert) destroying New York by teleporting an exploding-giant-squid-alien creature that kills everyone with telepathy? That won't come off as a little goofy? And then there's the confusing array of superheroes -- some of which are played by different people in different eras. And the whole thing has a bit of a dated 1980s sensibility to it (same for "V for Vendetta," I'd say, but I guess they overcame that with that movie).

You have to wonder if this is one of those books that should never be made into a movie, like "Pale Fire" or "A Confederacy of Dunces." I mean, even Terry Gilliam basically said it couldn't be filmed. Terry Gilliam.

It's going to suck.