Sunday, July 06, 2008

BuboBlog Reviews 'Wanted'

Um, wow. We just saw the movie "Wanted." Quite something.

When it ended, I said, "Was that the GREATEST MOVIE EVER?!"

Kelly said simultaneously, "That was the worst movie ever."

So I had to revise down my assessment to three stars (out of four). Kelly said she would have given it two stars.

Some thoughts:
(1.) In the old days, it was bad-assed enough to just shoot two guns at once while you jumped through the air. No longer! Now you have to shoot two guns while jumping — and one of the guns should be upside-down. (Bonus points if you wedge the gun into someone's eye socket and shoot other people through his head.)

(2.) Did they add some tattoos to Angelina for this film, or is she just that inked-up? Seriously, she's teetering dangerously close to circus-freak territory here. Will America's next sex symbol be JoJo the dog-faced boy?

(3.) There appears to have been a writing/editing mistake in one scene. When Morgan Freeman says, "Shoot that motherf**ker," did they get confused and think Samuel L. Jackson was in the movie? Embarrassing mixup.