Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pregnant Woman Suffers Discrimination...Kinda

Today Kelly had to attend another class at the hospital after work. When she hailed a taxi to get there, she had the following exchange (more or less):

Cab driver: Where to?
Kelly: California and Cherry Street.
Cab driver: Where?
Kelly: I need to get to California Pacific Hospital.
Cab driver: Uh-oh.
Kelly: What?
Cab driver: You look pregnant. Are you in labor? I don't think I can do this.
Kelly: I'm...
Cab driver: I'm not one of those guys who helps women give birth in his cab. I'm no hero. I don't think I can take you.
Kelly: I'm not in labor.
Cab driver: You're not?
Kelly: No.
Cab driver: You're sure?
Kelly: Yes.
Cab driver: Oh, okay. [pulls out]

Don't you think this violates professional ethics or something -- what if she had been in labor? And is the problem of women delivering babies in cabs really that common? I mean, aside from on "Taxi." [To be fair, cleaning amniotic fluid off of vinyl seats could be kind of gross. -Ed.]

UPDATE: I did find this handy video online.