Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Trip to the Baby Store

After the birthing class, we went to a baby store called Citikids.

I had to admire this product, which is apparently for flatulent babies. You don't often see "stink lines" on consumer-product packaging:

This doll is supposed to help you tell how heavy your baby seat will be when the kid is inside it. I like the T-shirt, but the doll was kind of filthy and what's with the duct tape? If I want to see a dirty kid with no pants and a duct-taped crotch, I'll stick to the Folsom Street Fair, thank you:

This next product had the following label:

I guess we can debate the "lovable" part, but I don't find this dragon particularly "lifelike":

I mean, duh. Dragons are red and they sound like Sean Connery.