Monday, June 30, 2008

Overloaded 'Bus'

Funny...I was just remarking to Kelly that people have suddenly started saying "thrown under the bus" constantly.

You can't watch a reality show anymore without one person accusing the others of throwing him/her under a bus.

I guess the phrase got more popular with the Obama/Jeremiah Wright business, but still, it seemed odd for everyone to suddenly start saying it at once. I mean, five years ago, people would have just said, "You screwed me," or maybe, "Yah uuused me, Skinnah!!"

Anyway, I noticed today that Slate devoted a column to the topic.

He mentions some other phrases and asks whether they should be eradicated:

* stay classy
* up in your grill
* overshare
* tell us something we don't know
* man up
* go-to
* drinking the Kool-Aid
* mad props

I guess I'm still okay with most of these, although I thought it was spelled "stay klassy."

I've tried to start some catch phrases in my day. This one never caught on. And back in the 1980s, my brother and I tried to popularize the line from "Born on the Fourth of July" where Tom Cruise holds up a bag of urine: "This is my penis!!" Or at least, we said it a lot. I also was fond of the Al Pacino line from "The Recruit": "My dick's on fire!" [Is there a recurring theme here? -ed.]

P.S. I hate "it is what it is."