Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mrs. Fix-It

Has anyone ever gotten a fix-it ticket? I got one the other day for having a missing front license plate. If you fix the problem, the fine is $10 (versus $100 if you don't).

So I fixed it. But then you have to find a police officer to sign the ticket. Like apparently you're just supposed to find one on the street while you're going about your business. How does this work? I mean, most of the police I encounter (or the "po-po" as they're called in my neighborhood) are doing police work -- or at least pretending to do police work. Isn't it a bit awkward to interrupt them so they can walk three blocks to my car and confirm that it has a front plate?

What if I had interrupted the shotgun-brandishing SFPD officers the night they were stomping on gas-vandals in our alleyway? Ahem, excuse me...

Anyway, so last weekend we were driving the car and we saw some cops go into a Starbucks. "Now's our chance," I said. Kelly jumped out of the car, went into the Starbucks and puchased a danish -- you know, to seem all breezy. She pretended to notice the officers just then, and said, "Oh, hello, could you help me with something?" One of them came out to the car, examined the plate and signed off on it.

Way to go, Kelly!