Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Movie Roundup Continues: 'Wall-E'

We saw "Wall-E" on Saturday. Once again, we got to experience the joy of seeing a children's movie in San Francisco (no children in the theater). I guess I should live this up while I can.

The movie was great -- definitely one of Pixar's best (and I've seen them all, except "Cars"). You really have to appreciate a film that holds your attention and engages your emotions while being almost devoid of any dialogue (especially in the first half).

I'd say the movie's biggest flub was the use of live-action for the parts showing the president (played by Fred Willard). It really clashed with the majesty of the animation, broke tone and took you out of the picture. Ironically, I think they made this artistic choice to keep things consistent: Since every time Wall-E watches a video, such as the movie "Hello, Dolly," he's watching the real thing, not a cartoon. But still, it didn't work.

Also, the sound of the Mac booting up was funny the first time. After three times, it was a little tiresome.

Still, the fact that these were the biggest problems with the movie says a lot: It was almost flawless.

Rating: ***1/2 (out of four)