Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh No, Dr. Jones

We went to see "Indiana Jones and the Something About a Crystal Skull" tonight. I have to say, it didn't quite live up to expectations.

The action scenes were well orchestrated and thrilling. And Harrison Ford didn't seem overly old or ridiculous. But something was a little off.

For one, I think the "civilian" scenes, when Indy is in his professor guise, were a little too campy. They have a dreamy look to them that I'm sure was very deliberate, but they just came off as hokey. Especially the final scene.

Another problem, and this requires a *SPOILER WARNING*...

All of the Indiana Jones movies have had a big dose of the supernatural. But what made it palatable before was that it was steeped in our culture's Judeo-Christian beliefs. So even if kooky stuff was happening with the Ark of the Covenant and melting faces, etc., you knew that it was based on stuff that we as a people actually believe in (or, at least, our politicians say we do).

With this movie (and, to a lesser extant, with "Temple of Doom"), the mythology is outside the Judeo-Christian tradition. In fact, it's some crap about aliens from another dimension. It didn't really fit the franchise and threw the whole story line into a sci-fi realm. It was kind of like that Tintin where they find those alien statues in the cave ("Flight 714")...pretty much the worst Tintin ever (unless we're counting the one with grossly offensive African caricatures).

I'm not saying it was terrible. But I don't think it's a worthy addition to the franchise. BuboBlog gives it **1/2 stars (out of four).